Corporate Training and Workshops

The lure of making a quick-buck, coupled with inadequate knowledge about financial markets usually leads many of us to take not so smart decisions around our hard-earned money. Most of us invest on the basis of limited information from our friends, family or colleagues, thereby falling prey to  schemes promising extraordinary returns with in short period of time. These usually lead to irrecoverable losses and disheartened spirits, as the impact is not on one person, but the entire family.

Our workshops aim to improve your investment-quotient. We intend to sensitize the ‘Aam Investor’ about giving complete thought to their investment goal and choosing the right investment product for the same. We use real examples and real data in our sessions to avoid creating any unrealistic impressions among the participants.

All our sessions are interactive and are conducted by experienced and passionate facilitators from the field of financial services.

Our introductory two-hour workshop comes to you absolutely FREE!! All we need is around 30 – 60 participants and a room in your office where we can conduct this session and of course – TWO HOURS!!