Financial Freedom


Financial Freedom is having enough money to cover your living expenses. Financial Freedom also means having enough savings and investments to afford the lifestyle that you desire to. It means making big life decisions without being stressed about money.

Objective of the Workshop:

At the end of completion of the workshop, you should be able to:
  • Understand the path to financial freedom
  • Identify your current financial situation
  • Understand the right insurance
  • Set your life goals
  • Assess your risk profile
  • Understand the various savings and investment options

Who should take up this course?

This course is best suited for:

  • Youngsters who have just started their career
  • Youngsters who are about to begin their career.
  • Individuals in early career stage who want to plan their finances effectively

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Financial Freedom
  • Financial Health Check Up
  • Life & Health Insurance
  • Goal Setting
  • Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation
  • Investment Alternatives and Suitability

Course Fee

The Financial Freedom course is priced at Rs. 1499. Register by clicking here.

Other Details

The course will be a combination of video lectures and live online classes. Video lectures will be used to educate you about the concepts and live classes will be for applying the concepts, interaction and clearing of doubts. Upon successful registration, you will be enrolled in the next immediate batch scheduled. We have one batch every month.