The lure of making a quick-buck, coupled with inadequate knowledge about financial markets usually leads many of us to take not so smart decisions around our hard-earned money. Most of us invest on the basis of limited information from our friends, family or colleagues, thereby falling prey to  schemes promising extraordinary returns with in short period of time. These usually lead to irrecoverable losses and disheartened spirits, as the impact is not on one person, but the entire family.

Our workshops aim to improve your investment-quotient. We take our participants from being ignorant individuals to informed investors and finally educated investors.

We use real examples and real data in all our courses and workshops to avoid creating any unrealistic impressions among the participants.

We blend technology with human interface to bring to you interactive and engaging learning. All our courses and workshops are conducted by experienced and passionate facilitators from the field of financial services.

Financial Freedom

Imagine living a life where you could do what you loved without having to worry about the financial commitments. Living this life is certainly possible and this is what this course gives you - simple, easy to implement techniques to live a life that you always wanted to.

13 Under 30

13 UNDER 30

30 is the age associated with first sense of financial independence. This leads to a certain lifestyle which later creates money problems. This workshop gives simple and effective financial lessons (or hacks as you might call) to balance between two worlds - the world of YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and the world of YOU ALSO LIVE LONG.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds for Beginners

Mutual Fund is one of the best avenues of investment for a small investor looking to earn better returns on savings. Learn the working of mutual funds, various types, risks involved and how to start investing in mutual funds.

Fundamental Analysis - 1

If a company's business is doing well, its stock price has to do well - this is the foundation of fundamental analysis. Learn how to analyze a business by studying its financial statements and finding out the story behind the numbers.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis - 2

Studying  the financial statements might not be enough always. Learn to distinguish between good stocks and bad. Learn valuation of stocks and equity research. Learn various nuances of constructing a portfolio of stocks.

Mutual Funds

PF Construction Using MF

In the complex world of investments, you are spoilt for choices. This often leads to mistakes in investing at the right places. This workshop will equip you to identify the best investment for you and enable you to create wealth in a planned manner.

technical Analysis

Technical Analysis -1

'Past gives you a peek into the future' is the base of technical analysis. Learn nuances of trading using charts and analytical tools. Learn different types of charts, patterns and various indicators in this workshop.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis - 2

Wanna be a expert trader? Learn advanced indicators and trading techniques in this workshop. Get hands-on experience in applying various theories and strategies under the guidance of experts.