We bring to you various tools and calculators to simplify the complex world of financial planning. Make the most of these tools and calculators. All our tools need is a few minutes of your time and some honest information and what you get in return is valuable insights and some easy ways to manage your finances and investments. Life can be easy, only if you want it to be!

Explore from the range of tools below.

Already Late Calculator

Your savings habits are usually haphazard which results in ill-planned amount of savings. With this indigenous calculator of ours, you can find out how much should your current financial savings be. So go ahead and find out if you are actually already late!! Click here to use the alreadylate calculator.

Periodic Investment Return Calculator

Invest a few thousand rupees every month and earn LAKHS in a few years. You will definitely be bombarded with such messages across social media. But are these investments truly as attractive as they seem to be? Check for yourself using our periodic investment return calculator. This tool works for any investment made at regular intervals; be it SIP, LIC, RD, PPF or any other investment. Click here to check returns and take an informed investment decision.

Risk Profiling

One of the common practice that you adopt while investing is to follow investments of a close friend or a relative. The problem with this practice is that you ignore the potential difference in the ability and willingness to take risk between you and your friend. It is important hence, to understand your risk appetite before you start investing. One way of doing this is to use this powerful risk profiling tool. Answers to a few questions and you will be able to understand your risk appetite. Click here to understand your risk profile.

Financial Health Report

Just like you ignore your physical health unless you are forced to take care of it, the same way you ignore your financial health too. The problem with ignoring this is that the impact is very severe and often too late for you to make amends. It become extremely critical to assess your financial health. The financial health check-up tool is a very powerful tool which uses information related to your income, expenses, assets and liabilities to arrive at a detailed analysis of your financial health. The report also provides you recommendations to improve your financial health. Click here to assess your financial health.

Investment Quiz

Learning is at the epicenter of our business philosophy. Learning if made competitive is fun and has an everlasting impact. Our finance and investment quiz does just that. Attempt the quiz to find out your level of IIQ – Investment Intelligence Quotient. A good score gives you an opportunity to boast among your friends!!! Click here now to take the quiz.