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Personal Financial Planning

Every individual is different and so are his needs. We provide customized personal financial plan encompassing various life stages. All we need is two hours of your time so we can understand you and provide you with a plan that suits you best. We do not charge our clients for this as we believe this is a basic prerequisite for any investor.

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Online Investment & Tracking

A one-time activation of an online account enables you to invest and track online. User-friendly interface combined with our investor friendly advice ensures you get the best choices for you at a click of your mouse or a tap of your phone.

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Training & Workshops

The only way to increase knowledge is by sharing it! We strongly believe in this and conduct workshops and training sessions pertaining to various aspects of personal finance including tax planning and investment planning.

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Why choose us?

We work with a simple philosophy – if it is not good for our clients, we will not recommend it’.

The world of investments is less complex than it is made out to be by a financial adviser. Most advisers work on a belief that as long as the client thinks it is difficult to understand investments, s/he would continue using their services.

Our belief is completely opposite – we believe in empowering and enabling our clients to an extent that they can make informed investing decisions without seeking any ‘expert’ advise, including ours!!

We would rather retain our clients through utmost transparency about our ways of working.

Our clients would happily pay a percent or two as our fees for transforming their lives through the right guidance and empowerment.